The Gemini Huggies are the perfect everyday earrings with their secure click in and continous latch, made special with the onyx gems.

8mm in size | 1.6mm width
Band is 10cm wide with a streamline clasp
14k gold vermeil
Sterling Silver base 

Genuine Gold Vermeil: this is a thick layer of sold gold (20-30 microns) pressure bonded and intertwined over either 925 sterling silver or a stainless silver base.

Not to be confused with regular "gold plated" jewellery, Gold vermeil is designed to last several times longer than regular plated or filled jewellery.

Gold vermeil will have more longevity than plated jewellery and it can be worn in the shower. However, weating in the ocean is not recommended as this can cause it to fade and loose it's shine.

It is nickle free and will never go green, tarnish or rust.